göreme | day one

by karen posted October 30, 2011 category en route

september 23, 2011
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Today was our first day on our month-long Turkish adventure. First order of business, we had breakfast – we both got “turkish breakfasts”. This consists of slices of bread, cheese, tomato, cucumber, and a fried egg. Also butter and jelly. And the dreaded nescafe. İ drank like six teeny cups . Today we went to the Göreme Open Air Museum. Lots of people, but pretty cool to see all the old churches carved out of the rock. Then we had lunch at Local restaurant (eh) and then went to Nazar Church and spent the rest of the day hiking around out there. My god, the environment in this area is incredible. Totally breathtaking. We wandered through lots of grape and apple orchards and picked fruit. For dinner we went to Cappadocia Kabob Center and had Kebap sandwiches. They were pretty good (Yummy but not enough filling). Also tried the apple tea which was good there (though we discovered quite soon that the “Turkish tea” is way better and what the locals drink morning noon and night. After that, it was time to fall into bed.

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