tick tock…

by karen posted September 20, 2011 category planning, pre-trip

Well, here we are one day away from the first leg of our 5-plus month travel odyssey! While I always feel like there is tons left to do (what about all the research I never got to do on all these places? Weren’t we going to try to learn more Turkish?), in reality there’s not a ton of truly necessary things we have to do tomorrow.

Here’s what’s left:

  • call credit cards to let them know about trip
  • drop off rent
  • put internet/phone on hold
  • put directv on hold
  • put netflix on hold
  • put at&t on hold
  • unplug everything
  • add more water to plants (testing an auto-waterer)
  • take one more turkish lesson
  • final packing (add last items to main carry-ons, and pack small bags)

Well, now that i’ve listed it out it sort of seems like a lot, but we have all day all it should be all good. Better get to it!

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